Dave Cook goes Polish
Antietam Creek

November 26, 2005

Dave looks
              confidently downstream

"How do you work this thing?"
I'm a natural
              at this

"This thing is for balance, right?"

So far, so good.  Here Dave instinctively goes for a draw stroke to start a turn to river right.

Is there a draw stroke in poling?
Another sport

Darn draw didn't do much.  But the pole really helps with the balance.
Alan Dickerson

A relaxing day on Antietam Creek for Alan Dickerson
Green canoes rule
              the day

Sam completes the all-green canoe parade.

The day started off cold, but must have been about 45 degrees while we were out.  There wasn't much wind down on the Creek and it we had a pleasant day with no mishaps.  Congrats to trip leader Alan for proposing a start time that let the temps work up a bit before we put on about 11:30.  There was a skin of ice in some of the eddies, just to let us know what we missed by not getting out here at the crack of dawn.