Shenandoah / Potomac "Dinner" Trip
July 15, 2006.  Millville at 2.5

Bill's "Sunset Dinner Trip"

Bill and I met at Cindee Dee's in the early afternoon, my kind of meet-time.  We were timing the trip down the Staircase to hit a beach above Brunswick at about dinner time, and to cook and finish dinner at about sunset.  We had a lot of fun on the rapids at the Staircase, Whitehorse, and Weaverton.  And we hit the "beach" and cooked dinner just about the time the sun was heading behind the mountains.  It was to be my last time paddling with Bill before he headed off to his new retirement home in North Carolina.  Cooking dinner and paddling on to Brunswick turned out to be a fun way to send off Bill and to extend time on the river.  

Chip at Bulls
Bill took the above picture while standing on the rock where we scouted the Bulls Fall drop.
Bill with a boat of water
Bill managed to take on a fair amount of water coming through Bulls Falls.  His boat is sitting low and he is working hard to make it go.

Onto the Bulls Tail, and bail!
Bill got his boat over to the lunch rocks and we emptied her out.  Still sitting pretty low in the picture above.

Friends met on the staircase
It was a hot July day.  This being Bill's farewell trip, it was great to run into old friends in an eddy near Harpers Ferry.  Well, Dick Grahm and Bill are in their boats.  Ed Evangeliti and I were in the eddy.

Overgrown Beach
This was our destination, a "beach" with a great view of the setting sun up the river.  Beach?  It had sprouted a nice bed of weeds, and we decided to continue down the river and look for a clearer spot.  

Alternate spot for dinner
Not a beach, but not a weed bed either, we found a clearing beneath the trees a short distance downriver from the "beach."  Bill fired the hibatchi, and we relaxed with Bill's famous maguaritas while we cooked.

Down a creek without a paddle
Note the low sun angle in this picture Bill snapped of me playing around with Frankenstick.  The river is only a few feet deep here at this level, perfect conditions for polling.

Reflected sun on the underbelly of leaves3
With the sun near the horizon, a warm light reflects off the water and lights the underside of the overhanging canopy.

Sunset 1
Sunset is one of my favorite times to be on the water.  We packed and headed for the landing in Brunswick while the sunset show was on.

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

We found the slot on river left that leads into the landing at Brunswick and loaded our boats by the last glimmer of dusk.  It had been a lovely paddle and a great way to bid bon voyage to my friend Bill as he sailed off into retirement.  Bill is living in North Carolina now.