A Snowy Day on the Breeches
February 25, 2007

Paddlers in OC1:  Topher, Dave, Joe, Jesse, Chip   
Water Level:

This level is adequate, but on the low side.

Weatherwise, I lucked out.  The wintery mix that was supposed to start in my neighborhood at 5a.m. held off until I was in the parking lot at Middleton Park, and it started out as snow.  Dave's wife, Kathleen, shuttled us to the takeout, which was a real luxury, since upon arrival we didn't have to mess around getting vehicles back from Park.  The temperature must have been right around freezing.   I'm guessing we were on water by noon, and we were out about four hours.  The Breeches is probably pretty in any weather, and it was delightful on this snowy day.  My ride home in freezing rain was easy on well-salted roads.  So the commute wasn't the horror show the weather forecasts had led me to expect.

The only bad thing about the weather was that my canoe almost crushed me when I unloaded it from the truck.  It had picked up a layer of ice during the two hour drive home, and the weight of the icey boat about flattened me.

Some pictures from the snowy outing:

Dave was the only one of us who exclusively used the paddle.  Also the only one of us who swam this day, at one of the "dams."  He'd already been for his dip in this picture, and he still looks happy, even though he is wet.

Stone house seemed to make a nice picture.

Topher practicing his "queen wave".  It still needs work (keep using the dynoflex!).  That's Joe looking on.

Surfing Jesse.

We poled up into "muckle creek" and pushed the boats up on a convenient ice shelf to stretch legs.  Since four of us were poling, I should say that we were up muckle creek without a paddle.  
Formally speaking, it is not legal to have this much fun, except on muckle creek!

The group pauses to scout one of the little dams on the Yellow Breeches.

February  26, 2007
Words and pics by Chip Walsh