GBCC Takes Tires Personal!

GBCC's Leonard Huffines, Jr. took it personal that the Gunpowder's Jones Road to Bird River section was full of tire-trash.  He instigated a Club trip to attack the tires.

Trip Leader: Leonard
Date: 8/1/2010
Paddlers: Kara, Jim, Mike, Chip
Jones Road to Harewood Park, around six miles.

Leonard brought the v-hulled boat in truck.  He and Chip dragged this aluminum skiff from the gate by the Route 40 Bridge, visible in photo.   
empty skiff
The team didn't have to look far to find tires.  A dozen were collected within site of the bridge.  Here Leonard and Jim find tires with their toes.
wading near the bridge
Here we are all proud to have some "fish" in the boat.  We didn't realize Leonard was just loading in a base layer.
laying down the base layer
photo by Kara Brown
Leonard and Mike can't quite get leverage so Jim plunges under to help dislodge a big tire.
the fellas go after a big one
photo by Kara Brown
They got that big tire up onto Chip's canoe and floated it over to load onto the tire skiff.
Transfer big tire to mother skiff
photo by Kara Brown

Here is a suggestion for the people that run the Strongest Man in the World competition.  Add this event: 2-mile, tire-laden, skiff pull through weeds. 

If the horse don't pull, carry the load
Leonard "The Tire Hunter" peeks around his bounty and asks, "ah, can have some help through these weeds?"
Leonard -- tire hunter
We were able to move the boat but it ended up taking all of us to make through the weeds and out into the Bird River where a good Samaritan hauled the tires the last half mile to the beach.

We strapped canoes to either side of the tire barge and put a kayak on the front painter.  With four to five paddling, in clear water we hit peak speeds of 2.1 by GPS.  That was before we came into the mouth of the Bird River where there was 12-17 MPH wind from the south.  There was a long stretch with intermittent weed beds, and we only made 0.8 MPH the first mile across the Bird. 

canoe diesel power
photo by Kara Brown

A good Samaritan in a motor boat offered a tow.  The guy praised our tire attack.  He'd been out on a jet ski, seen us fighting the five-foot tall tire pile through the wind.  He jet skied home and got his boat and came out to help us.  Good jet-ski karma to him!
Good Samaritan
The sun was getting low by the time the boats were beached at Harewood Park.
boats in late afternoon sunshine, on beach, filled with tires
This picture only added because the one of the canoeists is the author of this page and he demanded recognition that besides being diesels for the tire barge, the canoes hauled 16 of the 75 tires the team extracted.
View from the loaded Appalachian Canoe

Words, some pics, and page by Chip Walsh, 8/6/2010.  All rights reserved.