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1/18/14 Roanoke River NC SRT Downriver Canoe Camper
12/15/13 Pax-Milltown Landing-White Oak MD SRT Circuit Canoe Camper
  Patapsco-Bay to Baltimore MD Sultan Sea Kayak day trip
8/ /13 Folley Beach SC Sultan Sea Kayak surf & tour
9/28/05 Bog River Trip New York Wontonah Canoe Camper
12/30/05 Catoctin Creek MD Canoe Canoe Day Trip
11/26/05 Dave Poles Antietam MD Canoe/Pole Canoe Day Trip
4/8/06 Patuxent Cleanup MD Canoe River Clean-up
4/28/07 Susq & Muddy Creek MD Canoe/Pole Canoe Camper
11/11/04 Assateague-Popes 2004 MD Canoe C/K Camp w/WW
10/30/05 Assateague-Popes 2005 MD Kayak Kayak Camper
7/15/06 Shen/Potomac Dinner Trip MD Canoe/Pole Bill's Farewell Trip
2/25/07 Yellow Breeches Snowy Day PA Canoe/Pole Poling Day Trip
3/18/07 Sunshine on Cedar Creek VA Canoe WW Day trip
9/22/07 Choptank Paddling at Martinak MD Canoe/Kayak Weekend car camper
4/6/09 Patuxent Clean-up '09 MD Canoe River Clean-up
10/25/09 Current River Trip MO Canoe Canoe Camper
Festivus at John Dukes WV Canoe Greenbrier & Maury
7/3/10 Pre-Independence Day Paddle MD Kayak GBCC Day trip
8/1/10 GBCC Pulls Tires from LGP MD Canoe River Clean-up
1/25/09 Upper Gunpowder MD Canoe/Pole Day trip
10/21/07 Gunpowder Gorge Double Dip MD Canoe WW Day trip
5/10/09 Green River Trip Utah Canoe Canoe Camper
Hart-Miller Island Md Kayak Day trip
7/19/08 Hart-Miller Island MD Kayak Kayak Camper
12/30/11 Iced-in Assateague MD Canoe Canoe Camper
6/14/08 James River VA Canoe/Pole Canoe Camper
6/30/07 James Island '07 MD Kayak Kayak Camper
8/16/08 James Island '08 MD Kayak Canoe/Kayak Camper
Jan-06 Assateague-DH Trip MD Canoe Canoe Camper
9/7/09 Potomac-3 river sections MD Canoe Labor Day Trifecta


Last update: 1/27/2014