Edisto River Overnighter
Sat & Sun, Nov 3-4, 2012
Words and Pictures by Bill Walsek

Trip:  Edisto River, Rte 21 to US 15.
Levels - Givans Ferry; Sat - .90, 311 cfs; Sun - .83, 296 cfs
GPS Data: 23.3 miles; 7 hours & 26 min paddle time; 3.1 mph paddling time.
Timed to meet Chip on his return from Florida.  We used Carolina Heritage Outfitters to run shuttle ($25) and for $10 extra got to use their high dry camp ground just before the tree houses.
River is crystal clear with a white sand bottom - lots of interesting sand formations as the river flow creates these abstract looking pieces of art.  About 13 miles to the camp area - that was very nice - easy takeout, ample camping space, lots of downed wood - already cutup!  And Saturday night Chip performed perhaps the finest pop of corn over an open fire that I've ever had - hmmm.... the nickname Orville is taken --  perhaps Wilbur?

Bill's Edisto Pics with comments by Chip

Lots of fine scenery like this along the Edisto. There wasn't a mile where you didn't pass some kind of camp, trailer, or home, but it was mostly undeveloped riverside. There was also a steady, if not constant, sound of hounds and gun shots. They hunt deer 6 months out of the year and they are allowed to run the deer with dogs, including on Sunday. At one point we passed a man and some kids on a dock and Bill was chatting with them. Three gunshots sounded nearby, sounded like 100  yards away. I about jumped out of my boat with each shot. The man and the kids didn't even flinch. I guess they are used to it.
Edisto View
This view is representative of the trip. The water level was very low, and you can clearly see the bottom, and it was interesting to see the way the river has sculpted the bottom. Many places were deeper than this, and we never had to drag our boats.

Bill called the water crystal clear, and it was clear, although tea-colored, as many Coastal Plain rivers are.
Views on a shallow river
We used one of the outfitters two sites at this location. This is not the nicer one. But the pavilion is a nice feature if it is going to rain. There is another smaller pavilion, with a hard roof, behind the photographer.
One of two sites of Carolina
              Heritage Outfitter

Link to Chip's thought on water levels: Who took the water from the Edisto River?